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How do I add admin accounts for employees?

Last Updated: Jun 24, 2014 07:53AM PDT
This article will show you
1. How to add admin accounts
2. How to give the accounts limited or full access to certain or all areas of the store administration panel.

You need this because:
1. You want to share the work of store management with your team.

You can add admin accounts to share the store management with your team. For instance the designer can have access to just the design area and the marketer can be given access to marketing area of store administration panel.

1.       Login to the administrator panel and selectMy Account-->Admin Logins-->Add

2.       Specify the username and password for the admin account.

3.       Fill in first and last name for the admin.

4.       Specify the email of the admin

Note: This email can later be used to retrieve login details if this admin forgets their login details.

5.       Login Access

To allow this admin to login from any IP address check the option “Allow login from any IP
To restrict login of the admin to 1 specific IP address choose the option “Restrict login to single IP” and fill in the IP Address.
To allow the admin to login from a specific IP range choose the option “Restrict login to IP range” and fill in the IP Address range.

Note: This can be used to restrict the admin to only login from a particular location, for instance the office.

6.       Menu Access
Use the check box next to the menu names to determine what this admin account should be allowed to access.

For this example we assume that we are making this admin account for the designer so we will check the view and edit option under design to give them view/edit access to design area of store administrator panel. 

The access level is further divided in

1. View
This will just give the view access to the admin. With View access admin will be able to view the data.

2. Edit
This will give edit access to admin. With edit access admin will be able to change the in data.

3. Delete
This will give delete access to the admin. With delete access admin will be able to remove data.

4. Import
This will give import access to the admin which can be used to import data in the store.

5. Export
This will give export request to the admin which can be used to export store data.

7.       Click on “Add this login” to save the login

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